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Great list of M14, M4, and Weapon NSNs

Below is a great list of Class IX national stock numbers for weapons. We hope this helps you…

1005-01-535-4385 Scope Ring
1005-01-535-4374 Scope Ring
1005-01-535-4423 Scope Ring
1005-01-535-4417 Scope Ring
1005-01-535-4395 Scope Ring (our best one)
1005-01-535-4430 M14 Mount Assembly
5855-01-506-5750 M14 Scope Mount
1005-01-533-8160 M14 Extended Scope Mount
1005-01-534-8696 M4/M16 Carrying Handle Rail Mount
1005-00-790-8766 M14 Gas Cylinder
1005-01-506-5750 Scope Rail Mount
5120-01-512-4959 M4/M16 Armorers Wrench
1005-01-588-9516 .50 Cal Vortex Flash Suppressor

You can find more info on manufacturers by going to Manufacturers Lists.